Business Lines of Credit

Give your business flexibility with revolving lines of credit.

When your business experiences short-term cash flow challenges, a business line of credit for fast access to working capital is an advantageous way to keep operations running smoothly.

Instead of borrowing a fixed amount of money, opening a revolving line of  credit offers a flexible way to meet your business’ short-term cash flow needs. With Cent Banc’s access to industry leading business lines of credit, you’re able to borrow working capital based on your needs up to a pre-approved limit and borrow more as your principal is paid down.

Line Amount

$50,000 – $1,000,000


1 Year

Interest Rates

As Low as 4.50%


As Little as 3 Weeks

Business Line of Credit Benefits

  • Working Capital is available when needed
  • Access to capital for a variety of business uses
  • Only pay interest on funds drawn (“draw amount”)
  • More flexible than term loans
  • Multiple forms of collateral can be used, such as inventory, equipment, commercial real estate, and accounts receivable

Get The Best Rates and Terms for Your Business Line of Credit

We advise, structure, and build your loan package and if we don’t fund it, we’ll shop to over 50 Financial Institutions to get you the best terms available.

How Do Business Lines of Credit Work?

Business lines of credits provide a maximum loan balance that a business or borrower can draw funds from. As long as that maximum amount isn’t exceeded, the business is able to draw funds from it within the term of the credit line (typically one year, with renewals).

The biggest advantage to this arrangement is the flexibility and ability to draw the amount of funds that is needed– not the entire loan amount like a business term loan would require.

Business lines of credit can be secured with collateral, unsecured, revolving, or non-revolving. Revolving credit allows a business to continue drawing upon that line up until the credit limit (like a credit card). When a draw occurs, that amount is deducted from the total credit limit. When a payment is made to the lender, that amount is credited back to the line’s total limit.

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