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Cent Banc is a Leading Provider of Commercial Real Estate Investment Banking Services, Offering Clients Debt and Equity Placement and Investment Sales for most Assets including Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, and all types of Construction.

Our unparalleled industry knowledge and extensive capital sources network provides our clients with competitive and tailor-made financing strategies.

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Our network of lenders can aggressively raise capital for commercial and residential real estate projects in major metropolitan cities and surrounding areas.

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Over 30 years of established relationships with the most competitive lenders in the nation allows Cent Banc to offer products and options others can’t.

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Our lending partners are hand picked and provide us exceptional rates and terms. If the transaction qualifies, we can typically fund in 60 days or less.

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Recent Transactions Spotlight

Syndicated Acquisition Loan in Los Angeles, CA

Syndicated Acquisition Loan in Los Angeles, CA

CHALLENGE: NNN Single Tenant Retail acquisition with a shortened escrow due to a delayed 1031 Exchange.
SOLUTION: Step-rate bridge loan with 12 months of interest only payments. Cent Banc originated, underwrote and funded the loan in 32 calendar days.

Broken Construction Loan in Hollywood, CA

Broken Construction Loan in Hollywood, CA

CHALLENGE: Dead project. Non-owner spec that went over budget and ran out of funds. Project was roughly 60% complete and no work had transpired in the past 120 days. Very large first TD and a smaller maxed out LOC along with numerous mechanic liens.
SOLUTION: Bridge loan, no roll over. 65% future value with no loan to cost calculations. Negotiated reduced payments with subs in exchange for releases. Title Company accepted a bond and insured the loan. Current second was replaced with larger LOC from our syndication and mandating the use of a construction fund manager.

Condominium Complex Construction in Downtown LA

Condominium Complex Construction in Downtown LA

CHALLENGE: $28M ground up multifamily construction in downtown LA. 65% loan to value and 80% loan to cost. Sponsors are professional with limited development experience. Loan to cost are aggressive and sponsors had minor equity investments.

SOLUTION: Created a development board that was hired to oversee the project. A top construction fund manager was mandated. Sponsors were required to invest additional capital. Costs were substantially reduced by adjusting the budget whereby reducing marketing rents and vacancy issues. Developer profits were unchanged.

Foreign Investor in US Property

Foreign Investor in US Property

CHALLENGE: Expat US investor living overseas with no credit history for the prior 10 years. Off shore business accounts in Cambodia and Hong Kong used as source of funds. $2.2M fixer with a $1.5M loan investment property in Beverly Hills and vested in the business entity.

SOLUTION: Strong borrower. Funds transferred to a US bank prior to escrow receipt. Fund set up automatic payments for 5 years pre-funded by borrower. 5/1 ARM at 6.5%. Full recourse.

Investor Rehab in Park City, UT

Investor Rehab in Park City, UT

CHALLENGE: Distressed Property sale investor rehab. Property in sub-standard condition with substantial water intrusion due to sub-freezing conditions and no HVAC. No kitchen and construction takeover at 75% completion, minus water damage and mold remediation issues.
SOLUTION: Funded 70% of purchase price, strong borrower financials plus a $350K mezzanine debt and equity piece, utilizing a construction fund manager.

Regional Retail Center in Colorado

Regional Retail Center in Colorado

CHALLENGE: Class A Retail Center with a majority of national credit tenants with long term leases. $21,000,000 refinance with 17 months of yield maintenance remaining on the current loan. 58% LTV with a DSCR of 1.25.
SOLUTION: Negotiated a reduced prepay, building that fee into the loan amount. The rate differential break even analysis is month seven. 10 year fixed 30 year amortized, 1.50% over the 10 year T. Bill via CMBS. Non recourse.

We’re experts in navigating our clients through the prequalification, underwriting, and funding phases to ensure a timely closing.

  • Application

    Our initial application allows us to begin the pre-underwriting of your loan and start the qualification process.

  • Sourcing

    Every lender has their preferences for the types of projects they like to fund. Once we have a few lenders with strong interest levels, we receive general terms and your go-ahead to move forward.

  • Investor Analysis

    Our highly experienced team then assembles a detailed loan package to present to the lender.

  • Approval

    At this point, we obtain the lender’s term sheet and begin to negotiate on your behalf to secure the most favorable rate and terms for your loan.

  • Closing

    We work in concert with you to finalize the underwriter's last closing conditions, collect third party reports, reimbursements, pro-rata allocations, and escrow and title requirements.

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