Simplify the Loan Process and Get Your Project Funded.

Our team of commercial and residential loan specialists work diligently to secure financing for you as quickly as possible with favorable terms.

So exactly how do we secure your commercial loan? We pride ourselves in our ability to simplify the lending process for our clients. Each lender or investor within our network has unique underwriting standards, and we know exactly how to present your loan package to them in a way that highlights your project’s strengths.

  • 1. Application

  • 2. Sourcing

  • 3. Investor Analysis

  • 4. Approval

  • 5. Closing


Our initial application allows us to begin the pre-underwriting of your loan and start the qualification process. If the package fits within a lender’s parameters, we proceed to Step 2.


Every lender has their preferences for the types of projects they like to fund. Some like small retail, others like local multi-family projects, and others may only entertain $25M+ institutional apartment complexes. A month later, that preference may change. We are aware of each lender’s appetite for specific loan types and know which source is a match for your project. Once we have a few lenders with strong interest levels, we receive general terms and your go-ahead to move forward.


Our highly experienced team then assembles a detailed loan package to present to the lender. Within the package, we usually include a 5, 10, and 20 year pro forma, Cap Rate, Cash on Cash, Forecasted IRR, NPV and an assortment of other calculations based upon the property’s income cash flows. We focus on what our investor’s appetite and preferences are and resolve any possible issues that might come up.


At this point, we obtain the lender’s term sheet and begin to negotiate on your behalf to secure the most favorable rate and terms for your loan. We work aggressively to generate interest from multiple lenders. We then notify each as to what the others are offering so we can attain an even more competitive financing structure for your project.


Today’s lending environment presents a somewhat lengthy approval process. This is where our skills and experience are amplified as we help navigate you and your property through all the documentation, regulations, and potential obstacles. The approval process generally requires considerable paperwork to satisfy the underwriter’s criteria.


Once we get through the approval process, the next step is gearing up to close the loan. We work in concert with you to finalize the underwriter’s last closing conditions, collect third party reports, reimbursements, pro-rata allocations, and escrow and title requirements. This is the last step, and upon funding, the county records your Deed of Trust and you’ll have a new mortgage.

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