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Industrial and Warehouse Property Lending


Warehouse and Industrial Property Loan Highlights

  • Loan to Value 75%
  • Rehab Financing
  • Mezzanine with and without equity participation
  • Construction Financing available
  • Conduit non-recourse loans
  • Short Term ARMs and Fixed Rates
  • Private Banking Rates at LIBOR plus
  • Aggressive Underwriting in large MSAs

Sourcing an industrial loan is a challenge in today’s market, as lending sources have developed extremely specific criteria for these products.

Warehouse financing solutions are more obtainable for industrial properties in prime locations, such as near airports, interstate highways, or waterways. More isolated locations may deter lenders from issuing an approval, but if they do, less favorable terms are a possibility. This is due to how industrial loans are underwritten. One of the most significant components within warehouse financing guidelines is the industrial property’s business and revenue potential for both storage and inventory. If the warehouse is located in a prime location, it is able to fulfill shipment at a more efficient rate than its more distant counterparts. From the lender’s perspective, the property is therefore more likely to have a healthy cash flow.

Additionally, the most significant property characteristic isn’t just the square footage but the cubic footage area. In other words, the height of the warehouse can be as valuable as the footprint. Ingress and egress to the warehouse docks are imperative, too. For example, the ability for an 18-wheeler to easily access these loading docks create a much more viable and salable industrial product. Obtaining these kinds of details after reviewing your application will assists us in determining which lending sources can supply the most competitive industrial loan that fits within your financing criteria.

We source the most aggressive industrial lenders for warehouse financing and loans in the nation. Choosing the correct industrial loan company to represent you or your clients is vital. We vet commercial mortgage lenders and retained only those financing conduits that provide us prompt and accurate feedback to our queries. Candidly, some industrial and warehouse mortgage lending cannot be placed in conduit or private equity products. Once you submit your application, our staff will notify you as to what choices are available to finance your industrial warehouse.

Industrial Property and Warehouse Loan Snapshot
50 M
Maximum Loan
10 Yrs
Maximum Term
4.5 %
Starting Rate
75 %

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